CTomorrow Advisory

MISSION: The CTomorrow advisory company was established to tackle the problems Asian based SMEs face today, global expansion.

CTomorrow seeks to solve global expansion difficulties by working with consultants that have experience in Asia as well as worked and lived in other countries.


Our strong understanding of Asian business practices as well as Western practices allow our teams to execute the goals set by our clients for global expansion and growth. Contact us for a free consultation. 

Health Consulting

One of the main areas the CTomorrow company focuses on is Health Technology. Under the CTomorrow Project, we provide advisory and consultation to a consortium of health and beauty related companies.

PARTNERS & Clients

Official Global Partners

CTomorrow global partners are the official leadership companies that spearhead the global operations of the CTP business in a formal alliance with CTomorrow.

Kim Seok Ho

CEO, Unicorn

Kim Sung Kun

CEO, CoCo Dream

Kim Jun Beom

CEO, Dodam Dodam

Son Jun Young


Song Duk Wha

CEO, Big Bang

Elena Lee

CEO, FM Leaders

Jeon Yongwoon


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