It's About Tomorrow.

CTomorrow: The first truly personalized health and wellness platform

CTomorrow Project

Our mission is to foster an ecosystem of customized health and beauty solutions individually tailored to each everyone’s unique traits and needs, using cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize current industry standards and practices.

CTomorrow promotes mobile health (mHealth) applications proven to improve care, reduce health disparities, and empower patients to manage their own health.



How can everyone become healthier?


How can the world become cleaner?


How can we make tomorrow better than today?


CTomorrow Project: A new economic model where all participants grow and benefit along with the platform’s growth.

Users create their own mini ecosystems personalized to them, contributing to the big data collection which in return improves the accuracy of the underlying platform. 

Combined with blockchain-based mining features, users receive mining rewards when performing certain actions on the platform that benefit the entire system.

CTomorrow Platform

A Personalized Health and Wellness Platform leveraging Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Technology to Bring Value to your Data.

Skin Scanning: Latest in scanning technology to dataify images for analysis

LifeStyle Surveys: To better understand the user for more accurate reporting and feedback

Cosball Application: The mobile application that bridges the users with the technologies and products

Mining: A user reward system

Cosball AI: The automated system for providing user reports

CTP Token: The cryptocurrency that interacts with the Cosball ecosystem

Cosball Algorithm: Patented algorithm for Cosball product recommendations

Blockchain Technology: The CTP token will seek to integrate multiple different blockchains

Big Data: Ever growing database that feeds the Cosball AI

Cosball Application

Scan your face to get real-time reports on your skin condition. Cosball AI and algorithms provide analasys through patended Cosball Bigdata technology.


AI Diagnosis

Skin scanning technology enabling the datafication of the facial scan that is then process through the Cosball AI

Skin Care Reccomendation

Cosball products recommended by the AI algorithm based upon the diagnosis

Big Data

The ever-growing and evolving data source upon which on which the Cosball AI algorithm is based

Progress Tracking

A timeline of the users progress over a period of time that enable the users to review their results, resulting in better skin care practices 


The crypto-technology upon which the incentivized ecosystem is based

Cosball Algorithm


Cosball Products

Cosball’s personalized skin products are distributed in indivudal single-use Cosmetic Capsule Balls, packaged using ecologically sustainable materials. 

Automated Production

Cosball is equipped with its own proprietary manufacturing system which is efficient and eco-friendly.


The Cosball application combines facial recognition, big data and AI to match users with products tailored precisely to their personal needs.

Preservation System

Cosball’s unique packaging cuts out the need for preservatives that cause skin irritation and environmental pollution. 


Customized health and skin care solutions require a secure payment and identification system.

CTP Token forms the basis of CTomorrow’s cryptocurrency-based structure.

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